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Happy Birthday Gmail


Introduced on April 1st 2004, Google’s email service is now five. When it started, users were wowed by the offer of 1GB of free space (sites like Hotmail only gave us 250MB) and the exclusivity of having to be invited to join up. A slick interface and easy-to-use menu system has kept it a favourite since then, even it if is still a beta. The key behind Gmail’s success was the development of Ajax, a programming technique using JavaScript, that let portions of the page load seperately. That made loading lightning fast, a real plus in those days when not everyone had broadband. Thanks for five years of faithful service, Gmail, we’ll send you an e-card later. On second thoughts, if we send a Gmail email back to Gmail itself, then the internet has a very real chance of exploding. Trust us, don’t try it.

[Check out Wired for a great retrospective peice on our favorite web email]