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Twitter gets first online advertising


Twitter has finally earned its advertising stripes. Take a look at your Twitter page, and you’ll notice a brand new little bar sitting just under your follower stats. That is an advertisement. Twitter has previously said it hates the usual banner advertising methods, and would only run ads that were innovative. Now these ads are quite small, and each one we’ve seen ties in with Twitter in some way. What do you think – has Twitter sold out? Or was this advertising armageddon inevitable?

[via Gawker]

Philips using Twitter to give away Cinema screen

Picture 1

Philips is having some sort of competition, and it’s using Twitter to drum up support. The competition involves trying to create the best viral video in the world, advertising Philips 56in 21:9 cinema screen. The competition is worldwide, and all you need is a Twitter account to get involved. Just follow Philips_vs, and tweet ideas for your viral.

We’ve got one: Chuck a cinema screen off the Burj Dubai and film it smashing in slow motion – then have the screen pan out, and the slo-mo video is  being displayed on a Philips Cinema screen. What do you think?

Free music is just the start


TV has been free since anyone can remember. Now free music (paid for by advertising) is being offered by the likes of Spotify. Given that ads are likely to be well-targeted (and therefore relatively useful or interesting), we like the look of this future. But what else could be free in years to come? We wouldn’t shrug at free flights if we had to listen to advertising for six hours in-flight. Ideas?

New blog watch: Campaign Middle East


Word up to Stuff’s international stablemate Campaign, which has just launched its new blog. The Mighty Rouge and his merry band of marketeers have started posting with abandon, and we hope you’ll join them for the latest news, views and rumours in Middle East advertising, marketing, PR and publishing. We also hope they’ll be good enough to let their readers know about us. Cough. (Think they got the hint?)

DISCLAIMER: Apologies for off-topic post. Feel free to complain in our comments, or – preferably – Campaign’s comments. Ta.

Facebook redesign cashes in on Twitter

The Facebook redesign, to be implemented shortly, is seen by many as a way for FB to fight the recent wave of publicity and success enjoyed by social media rival Twitter. But it may be equally true that it’s simply a better way for Facebook to make cash from sponsors. Apparently, Twitter is also considering this kind of ‘lifestreaming’ advertising model. Are we on the cusp of a new form of social network advertising? Will it be more or less invasive than existing revenue-generating models? Will sites such as Facebook and Twitter continue to put users first? And how much will prove too much and drive us all into the hands of the next internet phenomenon? There’s a fuller explanation of how this all works over at Valleywag.