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March issue of Stuff out now


In this month’s magazine, we look beyond high def televisions, bringing you the technologies that will revolutionize TV in the future. We’re also bringing you some of the world’s most expensive gear, a bonanza of party games, everything you need to know about Bladeriding and a look at the hottest bikes around. Plus, we’ve tested MP3 players, HD compact cameras, the Blackberry Storm and put the next generation of TVs through their paces. And you can also expect the latest gadget releases fresh from Mobile World Congress. We’ll be giving away killer Microsoft perephirals, a SanDisk MP3 player with storage kits, and Shellshock 2: Blood Trails for Xbox 360. You’ll also get a chance to win an Xbox 360 Elite, as we’re giving away one console each month this year. Check out the details in the magazine – Dhs10 from all good newsagents.

Stuff goes to Mobile World Congress


With CES barely behind us, it’s nearly time to pack our overnight bags again and jet off to Barcelona for this year’s GSMA Mobile World Congress from February 16 to 19. We’re boarding the good ship Nokia for this year’s trip, though our secret intention is to finger, fondle and frolic with as many Android prototypes as possible. Move aside T-Mobile G1, the floodgates are about to open… watch this blog for googlephone updates.

Duck Hunt gets a little more real


Remember the old light-gun NES game, Duck Hunt? We spent hours in front of the TV, wrapped in camouflage, screaming, ‘Die, duck, die!’ We’ve grown out of our mallard menacing ways, but this toy may bring them all back. Load the Duck Hunter pistol with batteries, let the duck charge on the barrel for 10 seconds, then launch him over your head. The duck flies in circles, giving you 30 seconds to nab him thrice with the gun. If you’re on target he drops dead. If you miss, he still drops dead when the batteries will run out. That’s what we call win-win.

[Check out more flying stuff at Interactive Toy Concepts]

Batteries included: SanDisk’s slotRadio


SanDisk’s slotRadio – unveiled at this year’s CES – has had a hard time from bloggers. But isn’t it just being honest about the way we pick our music? In this week’s 7DAYS column, Batteries included, we make a case for the little rogue.

Read the column here.

[Batteries included appears in 7DAYS every Wednesday]

Samsung looks to DSLR

Samsung GX10Our CES trip to Las Vegas wasn’t all about gambling away our tech fund. There was real work too. We sat down with vice president of camera/camcorders for Samsung, Mr SB Kim, in a dark corner of the show floor. Obviously impressed by our interview prowess, Mr Kim let slide that Samsung is looking to get back into the entry-level DSLR market late this year (some might remember its ill fated GX-10 from two years back, pictured). The electronics giant has impressed with its point-and-shoots so far, so we think the Koreans have a shot at something special.

Street Fighter IV Arcade FightStick


Hot off the CES show floor, the entrepreneurial folks at Mad Catz showed off their upcoming plastic gaming add-ons  for 2009, including this particular beauty – The Street Fighter IV Arcade FightStick. Available from February for both the PS3 & Xbox 360, it sports eight mash-happy buttons, complete with dual-speed turbo functionality and neat-o LED indicators, all with an aim towards providing both arcade cabinet authenticiy and the ability to completely pummel your controller wielding buddies into the cold, haduken-scorched ground.

CES weekend round-up

Okay – so we took the weekend off CES Watch in expectation of a brimming basket of gadget shininess come Sunday morning. As if to prove that the first morning of the working week is good for nothing, the show seems to have thrown up relatively little that’s genuinely worth shouting about. After a good start (see previous posts), a mid-show lull seems to be under way. Let’s hope it can finish with a bang… here’s the cool stuff from the weekend.

stuff_palmprePalm Pre
We knew they were up to something, and here it is. Whether Palm’s new multi-touch number, with slide-out QWERTY thumboard and 3G, can cut it in a post-iPhone world (or the company’s new webOS can cut it in a post-Android world) remains to be seen. Kudos to the PDA stalwart, though, for packing it with wireless recharging – a laudable first.

stuff_polaroidpogoPolaroid PoGo instant camera
Last year, we saw the original PoGo (pictured) launch at CES. In fact, Stuff Middle East was one of the first magazines on the planet to feature the dinky inkless photo printer. And it was only a question of time before the company went back to its roots and bundled the tech into the back of a digital instant camera. We’re still waiting to see any PoGo action in the wild, though. Is it really going to take off? And where’s ours?

Pentax K2000
White gadgets? Whoa! Aren’t we over the alabaster iPod finish? It was new once, but it’s hackneyed now. We’ve had white TVs, PMPs, phones, laptops, digicams and consoles. Curiously, though, we’ve never seen a white DSLR – until now. And Pentax’s K2000 looks great. How did nobody think of this before?