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Asus SeaShell is chic and cheerful


Netbooks have built their reputation on being cheap and cheerful, leaving the sleeker and more slimline to battle it out at higher price points. But Asus is looking to change all that with the SeaShell. It measures just 2.5cm at its thickest point, but still squeezes a 10.1in screen and almost full-sized keyboard beneath its svelte shell. Underneath the glossy finish lies the true guts of a netbook, packing an Intel Atom processor, 1GB RAM, 160GB hard drive with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

LG X120 is fashionably late


After teasing us with pictures, letting us have a play at CES and spilling the beans on would be inside its slim netbook last February, LG is finally bringing the X120 to the region. Painted in white and green, it’s part of the next-generation of netbooks that aren’t just small, but look tasty too. The spec is what you’d expect from a 10-incher, 1.6GHz Intel Atom, 160GB hard drive and LGs ‘Instant On’ quick-boot interface, but also packs a 3G slot for HSDPA connectivity. It’s been a long and time coming, but we’ll let you know if it was worth the wait when we get our mits on one soon.