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Philips micro theatres are teeny, but not weeny


Looks like it’s a bumper day at the Philips factory, with two more systems falling off the assembly line. This time, it’s micro DVD players. The 2.1 MCD802 (left) packs wireless subs, two 200W speakers and can record MP3s from any input source. It’s also DivX friendly, which is handy if you download and burn your own movies. The MCD388 (right) is wall-mountable, and will upscale your flicks to full 1080p HD. The MCD802 is US$325 and MCD388 is US$245. Both are available right now.

Bumper day for Asus with N81Vg


The Asus factory has certainly been busy this morning. After churning out some new motherboards, its moved on to high performance laptops with the N81Vg. The 14in lap-happy PC has standard specs in most areas, however it’s packing one monster of a graphics card. The Nvidia GeForce GT 120M is DirectX 10 compatible, handles 1080p HD video with ease and uses 110 gigaflops of processing power. To put that in perspective, this laptop received a 3Dmark performance score akin to some hardcore gaming PCs.

Sony takes pity on us with cheap HD TVs


Sony marketing is working off a few simple rules. When the economy crumbles people lose their jobs. When people lose their jobs, they get sad and start saving money. When people start saving money they don’t go out and buy a brand new 65in whopper of an LCD with full 1080p support. Appreciating that this is already happening, the opportunistic guys at Sony have put together a new line of Bravia HDTVs. Coming in 42, 46 and 52-inch flavours, the new ‘economic’ sets support 24p cinema playback, have a 120Hz refresh rate and run Sony’s Bravia 3 engine. They’re also DLNA-compliant, so you can get on the internet to manage RSS feeds and view widgets. The sets come with a 3.1 integrated soundbar and will only dent your wallet by around US$500. Sounds like a deal to us.

[via Gizmodo]