Fujifilm FinePix Z33WP toughcam

We’ve got a special place in our hearts for any gadget we can punt across the room and survive. That’s why we’re currently googley eyed over Fuji’s latest toughcam, the Z33WP. This tank-like 10MP compact packs a respectable 2.7in LCD, with 3x optical zoom and face detection. More importantly, it’s waterproof down to 10M and will survive a chomp from Jaws. Sure to come in handy on your Christmas trip to Amity Island.

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Jabra stone skips its way into Dubai


Stuff’s position on Bluetooth headphones is well documented – if you’re not in the car, get it out of your ear hole – but the Jabra Stone is the first wireless headset that might tempt us from common sense. The Stone’s curvaceous body is so comfy, it feels like it’s making love to the back of your ear, and when it’s not loving your lugholes, it sits snugly within the included charger creating one uniformed rock-like shape. It includes Noise Blackout Extreme technology that uses dual mics to reduce background noise, soft rubber pads and touch volume controls. They’re being rolled into stores as we speak, yours for US$135 (Dhs499).

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Fortis Mars 500 is for Cosmonauts

Adobe Photoshop PDF

Don’t be fooled by the name, the Mars 500 watch has gone places far more exotic than the surface of the bright red planet. It has been all the way to Moscow, and the Russian Space Labs simulator. Right now, six very bored Russian Cosmonauts are buried in the ground and will remain there for 520 days (round about the same time it would take to get to Mars). And they will be counting the long, drawn-out seconds to freedom on these brand spankin’ new watches. No word of pricing just yet, but they are exclusive (read: expensive) and only 2012 watches are being produced. Let’s hope none of them run fast.

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Trustmaster gamepads get the Ferrari treatment

F1 Wireless Gamepad Ferrari F60 Limited Edition-2960719-product1

Keeping the ‘people who go mad over Ferraris, but will never hope to afford one’ consumer bracket happy, Trustmaster has just released a set of wireless gamepads. Branded with your favourite supercar (and sponsors!), the PC and PS3 compatible pads pack a unique metalic design and an individual numbered ID plate. Each costs around US$50. Not quite the same as owning your own supercar, but it’s kinda the same… Right? Wrong.

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Sharp saves the world from Bird Flu


When not whizzing around on jet bikes and eating whole meals in pill form, the people of the future will think back. They will remember the terrible trials before the age of floating automotives, when the entire world was thrown into chaos by the deadly H1N1 virus. And some will wonder, just how mankind managed to stave off almost certain extinction in the face of the killer Bird Flu. But then, as the Google chip implanted in their heads starts to whir, they will remember a little-known Japanese company that legends had named, Sharp. They will remember its new range of air purifiers, ones that used rather scary sounding Plasmaclusters, to destroy 99.9 per cent of all airborne viruses, including the dreaded Bird Flu. And they will be thankful.

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HTC HD2 arrives in stores next week


HTC’s ultra-strokeable HD2 arrives on our sunny shores next week, for a whopping US$900 (Dhs3,299). Running a skinned version of Windows Mobile 6.5 called Sense, it packs a glorious 4.3in capacitive touchscreen and a 5MP camera with a blinding flash. It has proximity sensors to prevent false touches on its gigantic screen, and if you have a 3G connection it can even pipe out Wi-Fi for all your internet-starved devices.

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Nokia N900 not-phone hits next week

The N900, Nokia’s latest ‘mobile computer’ with Maemo software arrives next week for a wallet-busting US$815 (Dhs3,000). Its got a great 5MP camera, ultra-fast processor and 32GB in-built memory, but that’s not the point. This isn’t a phone people, it’s a shape shifting psychotic mobile computer. And here’s proof in the ad above.