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The November issue is shooting off the shelves, so get out there and grab a copy before they disappear. This month we attended our star-studded Stuff Gadget Awards, and named our top tech picks of 2009. Who won? Find the winners and the losers all in our current issue. We also had an exclusive play with Sony Ericsson’s 12MP marvel, the Satio, and a photo shoot using Samsung’s Wi-Fi and Bluetooth-toting compact cam. And if that wasn’t enough for one month, we looked at the best cameras available right now, and packed our choices into the first ever Stuff Photography supplement. Enjoy…

17 responses to “Magazine


    Wow, what a great start ! I’ve been waiting for this website to be activayed and boy at last it’s really alive and kicking !

    Paddy’s take on the Pirate Bay was spooky and almost kidnapped me ! Can’t wait for June to get my hands on the new iphone ! With Blacberry ready to take the market by ‘STORM’ and Lenovo X1 sliding in ever so smoothly mobile mania is sure to hit the UAE.

    Hey by the way since I’m the first to kick start comments on this great website, don’t you feel the need to reward me with a prize. One of those shiny gadgets lying wasted in your office will surely want to fall into my itchy palms, so go ahead mates, be generous and award your site chief guest and inaugarator – Elsa

  2. Thanks, Elsa. Unfortunately, almost 200 people beat you to the comment box, and our prize cupboard just doesn’t run that deep. Thanks for stopping by, though.

  3. When does the May issue come on news stands?

  4. Paddy Smith


    It should be there today, Vinit. A couple of days later than usual, as I was over in the London partying with the boys from Stuff UK to celebrate their 10th anniversary. Sorry!

    – Paddy.

  5. Richard Williams

    hey i really liked your may issue especially the comparrison with the blu ray dvds and the 10 best gadgets of the decade keep it up


  6. Paddy Smith

    Thanks, Richard. Keep enjoying Stuff!

  7. I raed that stuff magazine has been discontinued?
    Is it true? If not…
    When is the July issue due on news stand?

  8. Thomas Shambler

    Hi Vinit,
    Not sure where that rumour came from, but the July issue hit the stands a few days ago.

  9. Good day!

    I’m looking for a hardware to calibrate the stupid colors in my LCD monitor like “Spyder Colorvision”. Do you guys know where I can get this kind of stuff?


  10. Harley, check with Grapheast in Dubai, they have that kind of stuff.

  11. Suggestion: Email and sms notification of availability of the magazine on news stands to both subscribers and non subscribers.
    By the way when does the September issue hit the news stands?

  12. Come on guys……….update the cover page

  13. Listen to Ahmad.


  15. Many many happy returns of the day Stuff ! I still remember the day three years ago when I picked up the first copy of Stuff and till today it has been my favorite mag come what may ! I wait eagerly for the first of every month to get my hands on Stuff and I usually finish reading it in one session ! To the entire Stuff team – a big thank you for all the effort that you put in and here’s wishing that you go from strength to strength !
    Just one thing though…We have all been shouting our throats hoarse for you to remove the July issue from your web page and change it to the current month but it seems our cries are falling on deaf ears ! Pray tell me why are you doing this Paddy ? Don’t you want to listen to us loyal Stuff readers ? We care a lot about our favorite mag so please do update the web page, at least on your third birthday. Announce it loudly to the whole wide world ! And you need to reward me with a prize too for being so concerned and loyal ! You know what, I have been entering all your competitions from day one three years to this day when Stuff was first launched and I have never been lucky ! It is real depressing especially when those prizes are real must have ones ! But even if you don’t reward me Paddy I will always be a Stuff addict for life ! Elsa – who else ?

  16. didnt get it yet this is my first issue can wait

  17. Hi i just wanted to ask if i suscribe for the 12 month issue how do they ship it to me’??

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