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We’ve moved…

Hi everyone, thanks for being patient. We’re happy to say the wait is finally over. Our top secret project (yes, it was the fully-blown website) is now live, and available at So come in, have a look, put your feet up and get stuck in to the region’s best-selling technology magazine. Still a few bugs, but we’re sure you’ll help us iron those out. Now click this link, and we’ll see you on the otherside.

E-Vision goes high definition

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E-Vision has just announced it will provide HD-quality content to viewers in the UAE. You’ll need to shell out 30AED per month for the three ‘complimentary’ channels, and the decoder box will cost an additional 1,000AED. The good news, the set top box includes 250GB of internal storage for recording movies or shows, and will let you pause or rewind live TV. That’s great for our current Prison Break addiction, not so great for maintaining this blog…

Philips using Twitter to give away Cinema screen

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Philips is having some sort of competition, and it’s using Twitter to drum up support. The competition involves trying to create the best viral video in the world, advertising Philips 56in 21:9 cinema screen. The competition is worldwide, and all you need is a Twitter account to get involved. Just follow Philips_vs, and tweet ideas for your viral.

We’ve got one: Chuck a cinema screen off the Burj Dubai and film it smashing in slow motion – then have the screen pan out, and the slo-mo video isĀ  being displayed on a Philips Cinema screen. What do you think?

Sharp’s newest Aquos D-series TVs


Sharp just announced the Aquos D-series, ten super-slick HD TVs ranging from 32 to 52in. They support full 1080p picture, come with three HDMI ports and have a 15,000:1 contrast ratio. A Clear Double Speed function detects image movement, making visuals silky smooth, while Active Conditioning automatically corrects contrast for optimum clarity. These are Sharp’s first foray into the world of Internet TV, and so all are compatible with online video services like Netflix and Hulu. Available for you living room in early June.

[via Akihabara News]

Seagate FreeAgent Theater lands in Dubai


Having drooled over Seagate’s answer to digital downloads in February, we’re excited to see it finally launching in the region. This simple box lets you transfer downloadable HD content to your living room telly. Just download files to your PC, transfer them to your FreeAgent portable hard drive, stick the drive into the Theater’s slot and attach it to the TV. It supports all major codecs, 5.1 surround sound and resolutions up to 1080i. It’s available now for around US$190.

Sony takes pity on us with cheap HD TVs


Sony marketing is working off a few simple rules. When the economy crumbles people lose their jobs. When people lose their jobs, they get sad and start saving money. When people start saving money they don’t go out and buy a brand new 65in whopper of an LCD with full 1080p support. Appreciating that this is already happening, the opportunistic guys at Sony have put together a new line of Bravia HDTVs. Coming in 42, 46 and 52-inch flavours, the new ‘economic’ sets support 24p cinema playback, have a 120Hz refresh rate and run Sony’s Bravia 3 engine. They’re also DLNA-compliant, so you can get on the internet to manage RSS feeds and view widgets. The sets come with a 3.1 integrated soundbar and will only dent your wallet by around US$500. Sounds like a deal to us.

[via Gizmodo]

Sony GXD-L65H1 can sit in the freezer


Hoping to capitalise on the lucrative eskimo market, Sony’s latest 65in LCD TV has IP54 technology, making it drip-proof and dust-proof. Able to survive freezers and the coldest of living rooms, it’ll play the latest polar bear documentaries in glorious 1080p. It has a 2500:1 contrast ratio, 8ms response time with an 178-degree viewing angle. No pricing is available yet, but we’re sure shipping to the Arctc will cost you a few paycheques.

[via Gayakuman]