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Hi everyone, thanks for being patient. We’re happy to say the wait is finally over. Our top secret project (yes, it was the fully-blown website) is now live, and available at So come in, have a look, put your feet up and get stuck in to the region’s best-selling technology magazine. Still a few bugs, but we’re sure you’ll help us iron those out. Now click this link, and we’ll see you on the otherside.

Arash Motor’s AF-10 supercar

If you have a spare US$580,000 stored under the mattress for a rainy day, you might be interested in Arash’s latest motor. Packing a hefty 550BHP under its ultra-sleek bonnet, the AF-10 has a 7-litre engine capable of top speeds over 200kph. So it’s fast, expensive and exclusive too, with only 25 planned to roll off the production line.

Volkswagen L1 likes fuel efficiency


The Volkswagen L1 concept is a breakthrough for fuel efficiency and roof-opening doors. Its carbon fibre reinforced body weighs just 124kg, and it has a maximum speed of 160kph. But the best bit, the L1 consumes just 1.5l of diesel per 100km. Again, it’s just a concept, and probably won’t see the bright light of a summer’s day, but we don’t care. How cool is that fighter pilot-esque seating inside?

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2010 Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG is red hot


The new Mercedes SLS AMG is well worth a look if you’re anyway interested in fast cars (all warm-blooded males, then). Its got a 6.3-litre AMG V8 engine that produces 563bhp, goes 0-100km in just 3.7 seconds and has a top-speed of over 320kph. Add in some retro-styled looks and iconic gull-wing doors, and it’s one of the prettiest cars we’ve seen in a while. Now if we only had one for the daily commute to Stuff Towers…

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BMW EfficientDynamics concept car looks hot


Check out BMW’s swish new concept. Estimated to hit 100kph in 4.8 seconds, and with a top speed of 250kph, it supposedly expresses how much power BMW can squeeze from smaller engines (this one’s got a 1.5L three cylinder turbo-diesel engine, with two electric motors too). We’re not sure about that, but we do know this looks amazing.

Harley Iron 883 is awesome and affordable


Easy on the eyes and the wallet, this mean looking motor has been totally blacked out (save for all the gorgeous chrome). Riding in at just under US$8000, the Harley-Davidson packs old-school biker brawn with beauty, matching an Evolution 883cc V-Twin engine with fat tires and cast aluminum wheels. We’re not sure if it’ll ever be available for Middle Eastern roads, but we’ve already bought a leather jacket. Just in case.

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McLaren cars speed into the Middle East soon


This region already has a fair amount of luxury-loving petrolheads, but there’s still room for one more. Enter Mclaren, the performance car maker better-known for its Formula 1 racing:

The Middle East is on track to host McLaren Automotive’s first regional retail network, bringing to the market what is expected to be one of the world’s most desirable cars. The new range of high-performance sports cars will share the same headquarters that today hosts over 50 years of McLaren motorsport and performance sports car heritage, from Bruce McLaren’s 1954 Austin 7, to the record-breaking and legendary McLaren F1 road car of the ‘90s, and the most successful supercar ever in its price bracket, the Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren.

McLaren hopes to have moved in by 2011, the same time it’s due to release its next-gen supercar. That gives you a little time to start saving then, these cars don’t come cheap.