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We’ve moved…

Hi everyone, thanks for being patient. We’re happy to say the wait is finally over. Our top secret project (yes, it was the fully-blown website) is now live, and available at So come in, have a look, put your feet up and get stuck in to the region’s best-selling technology magazine. Still a few bugs, but we’re sure you’ll help us iron those out. Now click this link, and we’ll see you on the otherside.

Jabra stone skips its way into Dubai


Stuff’s position on Bluetooth headphones is well documented – if you’re not in the car, get it out of your ear hole – but the Jabra Stone is the first wireless headset that might tempt us from common sense. The Stone’s curvaceous body is so comfy, it feels like it’s making love to the back of your ear, and when it’s not loving your lugholes, it sits snugly within the included charger creating one uniformed rock-like shape. It includes Noise Blackout Extreme technology that uses dual mics to reduce background noise, soft rubber pads and touch volume controls. They’re being rolled into stores as we speak, yours for US$135 (Dhs499).

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HTC HD2 arrives in stores next week


HTC’s ultra-strokeable HD2 arrives on our sunny shores next week, for a whopping US$900 (Dhs3,299). Running a skinned version of Windows Mobile 6.5 called Sense, it packs a glorious 4.3in capacitive touchscreen and a 5MP camera with a blinding flash. It has proximity sensors to prevent false touches on its gigantic screen, and if you have a 3G connection it can even pipe out Wi-Fi for all your internet-starved devices.

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Nokia N900 not-phone hits next week

The N900, Nokia’s latest ‘mobile computer’ with Maemo software arrives next week for a wallet-busting US$815 (Dhs3,000). Its got a great 5MP camera, ultra-fast processor and 32GB in-built memory, but that’s not the point. This isn’t a phone people, it’s a shape shifting psychotic mobile computer. And here’s proof in the ad above.

Tall and slim LG Chocolate hits the UAE


We’ve been swooning over the LG Chocolate since it appeared in this month’s Hot Stuff, so we’re pleased to announce that it will be available mid-October (just in time for Gitex). The sleek black touchscreen mobile has a 4in 21:9 widescreen, making it perfect for web-browsing and movies, a 5MP camera on the back and can even be split into two halves, letting you multi-task (live film-tweeting, anyone?) on-the-go. It’s priced at US$815.

HTC brings Android to Saudi Arabia


After a terribly long wait, it seems the Middle East is finally getting some Android-love. HTC will launch ‘the first Android-powered phone’ to Saudi customers later this month. We’re not sure what Samsung has to say about its ‘first Android’ claims, but we really don’t mind. Just keep ’em coming HTC.

The Android mobile in question will be the HTC Magic, available from STC in Saudi Arabia.

Full press release, after the jump.

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Nokia X6 looks futuristic (and kinda is)


Check out Nokia’s latest touchscreen mobile, the X6. Part of the Comes With Music lineup, the X6 is capable of playing up to 35 hours of music on one battery charge. It also packs a 3.2in widescreen (with a 16:9 ratio that’s perfect for video) and 32GB internal storage. Oh, and it also looks like it came from the future – which is fantastic.