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EA slash prices on top tier titles


In what can only accurately be described as an “awesome” move (yes, we tried to go for another adjective but this seemed the most apt) for fans of electronic gaming the folks at EA have gone and shaved off some serious gold coins from the RRP of a slew of last years triple A titles.

Among the games getting the credit crunch treatment are Battlefield: Bad Company, Facebreaker, FIFA 09, Mass Effect, Mercenaries 2, Mirror’s Edge, NASCAR 09, Need For Speed Undercover & The Simpsons. PS3 & Xbox 360 versions of the aforementioned titles will set you back no more than AED119, PSP & Wii have dropped to AED99 and Nintendo DS & PS2 versions are only a cool AED69.

Definitely a good time to catch up on anything you may have missed during the Huge Christmas Games Rush of ’08.

WOW support makes gadgets even cooler


As if a dualscreen touch laptop from Intel and Asus wasn’t enough, the boys from Destructoid have imagined playing World of Warcraft on its fully customizable screens. Noting that a dual touchscreen laptop is just a Nintendo DS, but bigger, they’ve put together a useful list of features. Things like panoramic views by removing the onscreen keyboard, and increased macro support with user created widgets. Sounds good to us. If you’re gaming on a PC, how many buttons do you really need, anyway?

[via Boing Boing Gadgets]

Asus Rampage II GENE motherboard is small but powerful


We don’t usually delve deep into the guts of PC hardware, however this motherboard deserves a special mention. New from Asus, the Rampage II GENE motherboard is only 24x24cm, but has room for three (yes, three) graphic cards. It’s CrossFireX and SLI compatible, so you’ll make full use of the triple GPUs, and comes with steller on-board audio in the form of X-Fi technology. Great if you want to build yourself a mini gaming rig, but we can’t wait to start seeing media center PCs with enough juice to run Crysis.

PETA fights baby seal clubbing in Warcraft


The People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) would like Canadians to stop killing adorable baby seals. Why it’s invading an MMORPG to spread this message is unclear. This saturday on the Whisperwind server, US activists are being urged to bring their lvl 70s to the Howling Fjord zone to battle any players killing and skinning their furry friends. It seems no one told them that computerised baby seals in World of Warcraft respawn every few minutes, and so can’t really be killed. A bit like Stuff’s favourite robot seal, then.

[via Gizmodo]

Girl gamers dominate the PC


Nielson media analysis group has released a new report that says females between the 25-54 age bracket account for around 29 per cent of all PC game players. Males in the same category only amounted to 20 per cent. Installing usage-traffic software onto over 180,000 computers, Nielson tracked how frequently participants played games and what games they were playing. Many of the games played were pre-loaded Microsoft games, with popular office timewaster Solitair being the most popular on the PC. We love the idea of girls getting their game on, but come on girls, put the cards down and start fragging with the big boys.

LEGO Rock Band – Confirmed?


Emerging from the aftermath of the 2009 Game Developer’s Conference is this interesting piece from Kotaku about a re-jigged PowerPoint slide that was omitted from Harmonix senior designer Dan Teasdale’s ‘Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap: Design Lessons Learned From Rock Band‘ panel. The slide quite clearly shows their intentions to sandwich a LEGO SKU of their pseudo-band party game in between the upcoming PSP and Beatles versions – both due for release later this year. We’re curious as to what tunes people will get to rock out with their blocks out to, any guesses?

Happy 20th birthday, Game Boy


Launched in April 1989, the Nintendo Game Boy has reached its 20th birthday. The handheld shipped 120 million units during its 14-year production stint (every member of the Stuff team had one growing up) and blew away competition from the likes of Sega’s Game Gear and Atari’s Lynx. Over the years it’s provided entertainment from the likes of Tetris and Super Mario Brothers, to wildly popular Pokemon, and even produced ace perephirals like the first Game Boy Camera. Not a bad run for a 20-year old.

[via Kotaku]