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We’ve moved…

Hi everyone, thanks for being patient. We’re happy to say the wait is finally over. Our top secret project (yes, it was the fully-blown website) is now live, and available at So come in, have a look, put your feet up and get stuck in to the region’s best-selling technology magazine. Still a few bugs, but we’re sure you’ll help us iron those out. Now click this link, and we’ll see you on the otherside.

Sharp saves the world from Bird Flu


When not whizzing around on jet bikes and eating whole meals in pill form, the people of the future will think back. They will remember the terrible trials before the age of floating automotives, when the entire world was thrown into chaos by the deadly H1N1 virus. And some will wonder, just how mankind managed to stave off almost certain extinction in the face of the killer Bird Flu. But then, as the Google chip implanted in their heads starts to whir, they will remember a little-known Japanese company that legends had named, Sharp. They will remember its new range of air purifiers, ones that used rather scary sounding Plasmaclusters, to destroy 99.9 per cent of all airborne viruses, including the dreaded Bird Flu. And they will be thankful.

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UV protected flash drives by CK


You would expect to find a pair of USB flash drive sunglasses on geek street, not chic street. But these from Calvin Klein pack 4GB of storage in the right arm. Available for around US$200 (most expensive flash memory ever?) they hit high street in October.

[via Gizmodo]

Sony gets stylish streaming hi-fi


Sony’s released two sexy new iPod docks, and they do a lot more than provide comfortable seating for your portable media. The NAS-Z200iR (terrible name) fits an iPod or iPhone, with USB and audio input for other players, but will also access your PCs music library and stream files direct. It comes with a suspiciously iPod-like controller. The CMT-Z100iR (another terrible name) is a bit less smart, packing the same features, without the Wi-Fi streaming. Both will be available mid-September.

[via Akihabara News]

Borders jumps aboard Sony’s e-bandwagon

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Amazon has made a killing with its Kindle e-reader and also killed our chances of ever getting one, only releasing it stateside. But now hope of an e-reader revolution comes in another form, the Sony Digital Reader and Borders bookshop partnership. Sony Reader owners just need to get on the Borders website, download the eBook library application and have access to thousands of eBooks from anywhere in the world. That’s the distribution out the way, now there’s no excuse to not release Readers in the region (in theory). There is still no official word from Sony on this, but we’ll keep you updated.

Combimouse is a crazy QWERTY keyboard


This mouse/keyboard combo is either a fantastic technical achievement, or about as useful as a cheese sandwich to a drowning dwarf (we haven’t decided yet). But it’s still worth checking out. The Combimouse is pretty much a standard QWERTY split in two, with the right half acting as the mouse. When the user grips the mouse bit, the clever keyboard moves the pointer. Once it’s let go, the keyboard reverts back to QWERTY mode disabling the mouse. The idea is sound, but we’re not sure about the practicality. Or what it would do to your spelling.

[via AskMen]

Slim Seagate FreeAgent Go hits 640GB


Hard drive specialists Seagate have bumped the successful FreeAgent Go series up to 640GB. For some, that extra space won’t be needed. But if you make use of Seagate’s Theatre HD, having an extra 140GB of films and music could come in handy.