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We’ve moved…

Hi everyone, thanks for being patient. We’re happy to say the wait is finally over. Our top secret project (yes, it was the fully-blown website) is now live, and available at So come in, have a look, put your feet up and get stuck in to the region’s best-selling technology magazine. Still a few bugs, but we’re sure you’ll help us iron those out. Now click this link, and we’ll see you on the otherside.

New iPods, iTunes and wonderful colours


The internets awash with info from Apple’s iPod event last night. The big news: iTunes 9 is available with a load of new features and a more polished look, there’s a new 64GB iPod touch and the newest iPod Nano 5G packs a camera with FM radio and video recording. Exciting stuff. You can read all about it in next month’s magazine, and until then, enjoy all the pretty colours!

Creative speakers that won’t break the bank

Creative Inspire T6160

Creative have just announced a pair of fantastic speakers that won’t break the bank. The Inspire T6160 (pictured) packs 5.1 surround sound, Creative Phase Cap (a bullet-shaped extension in the driver that improves driver performance) and subwoofer featuring flared port tubes (better bass). The whole package will cost a piddly US$75 from mid-October. The T3130 speakers are built to be notebook-savvy, with crisp 2.1 sound, convenient volume and power control with magnetic shielding to guard against image distortion on your laptop screen. All that, and decent sound, for just US$50.

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Logitech gets two new Squeezeboxes


More Squeezebox goodness from Logitech today, with the Radio and Touch. Both stream audio over Wi-Fi as usual, but the Radio (pictured) packs stereo speakers and the Touch just streams to your existing hi-fi. They’ll come in at US$200 and US$300, respectively.

Expressionist Ultra speakers (are ultra-sexy)


Altec Lansing seems to be onto something: making powerful little speaker systems that not only look gorgeous, but sound sublime. And the latest in its Expressionist series, these Ultra speakers, happily follow the trend. Blasting out 200W through separate bass, midrange and treble amplifiers, it packs a 6.5in front-firing long-throw woofer and 3in drivers. But sound aside, could it look any better? (Answer: Yes, but only if it was sat between Megan Fox’s legs)

Wake up next to Philips


Part lamp, part iPod dock, this Philips Wake-Up Light should get you out of bed. It gradually wakes you up using light and increasing music volume, for a more pleasant experience (getting out of bed is never pleasant, for us anyway). It also works in reverse too, slowly reducing light and decreasing your iPods volume until you’re pleasantly counting sheep.

Philips micro theatres are teeny, but not weeny


Looks like it’s a bumper day at the Philips factory, with two more systems falling off the assembly line. This time, it’s micro DVD players. The 2.1 MCD802 (left) packs wireless subs, two 200W speakers and can record MP3s from any input source. It’s also DivX friendly, which is handy if you download and burn your own movies. The MCD388 (right) is wall-mountable, and will upscale your flicks to full 1080p HD. The MCD802 is US$325 and MCD388 is US$245. Both are available right now.