Every month this year, we will be showcasing the best gadgets of 2009, as voted by you Stuff readers. You can rant, rave or agree with us down below, but most of all, enjoy…

Computer of the year: Asus EeePC 1005HA Seashell



One thing netbooks are not, is sexy. Useful, portable and affordable, but never sexy. Or so we though. Asus, the pioneers of the tiny web-connected cloud-augmented laptop form, proved that beautiful design and blissful ergonomics could come cheap with its 10in-screened, Intel Atom-powered Seashell series. Packing a 160GB hard disk and an unrivalled 10-hour batter life, this would have been unthinkable for any laptop three years ago. Let alone one that costs a smidge over US$450.

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