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Etihad brings flight sim to Dubai mall


Shopping: boring. Flying a Boeing 777: probably like driving a bus if you’re a pilot. But if you’re not, you might like to get yourself behind the flight deck of the free Etihad flight sim at Dubai’s Ibn Battuta Mall. Hurry now – it’s only there from today until Friday. And training managers will be on hand to help. Plus, possibly, terrorist squad feds.

GE develops 500GB optical disc


The battle for hi-def supremacy might have been won fair and square by Blu-ray, but that hasn’t stopped GE Global Research from busting out a 500GB holographic disc to trounce the format. Of course, you’ll need to bin your shiny new BD player to play the discs, which are the same size as CDs, DVDs and BDs, but store data in three dimensions. And the company reckons the future will see micro-holographic optical discs with capacities exceeding a terabyte. The plan is to offer the discs to archivists in the short term, but GE is not beyond setting its sights on HD-loving consumers in the future.

iPhone price drops (thanks, Etisalat)


We thought Etisalat’s original pricing structrue for the iPhone was complicated and expensive. And apparently, they’ve listened to our cries. First they made things simple with a pre-paid scheme. And now the telco has announced new tariffs for its iPhone customers: still complicated, but less expensive.

Medixair to combat swine ‘flu?


Worried about swine ‘flu? Or some other pandemic bent on destroying humanity? Enter Medixair with these units designed to ‘protect you and your family against airborne bacteria and viruses’. Come the end of the world, you and your kin can live on in the safety of your infection-free panic room. That pandemic would’ve gotten away with it if it wasn’t for that pesky ultraviolet germicidal irradiation, too.

UPDATE: Please note that the products and prices in this post do not necessarily reflect the availability or pricing of products in the Middle East region.

Sci-fi words terms that became science fact


Nine words you might think came from science but which are really from science fiction. Find the list over at OUP.

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XP mainstream support finishes tomorrow


Yep – Microsoft’s most widely-used product ceases to get mainstream support tomorrow. Punters using the world’s most successful OS will continue to get free security updates until 2014 (by which time XP will be truly off the menu), but anyone who wants a more focussed support network will need to ‘upgrade’ to Vista or wait for the forthcoming launch of Windows 7.

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Gadget pr0n: Leica M8 in white

Ulp… [via Engadget]