STUFF launched across the Middle East in November 2006, under licence from Haymarket Publishing. In a short period of time, the monthly magazine has established itself as the most respected source for consumer electronics news and trends in the region, and boasts some of the highest monthly sales figures across the GCC. In 2007, Stuff partnered the first edition of International CES to be held in the region, and staged one of the largest magazine prize giveaways the Middle East has ever seen during Gitex Technology Week, the region’s largest technology trade expo. It continues to build one of the strongest brands and healthiest readerships in the region.

The Stuff team

blog_tomTHOMAS SHAMBLER is a writer for Stuff in the Middle East. Known for his witty reviews and insightful comments on some of the world’s coolest kit, he is responsible for putting together the magazine’s Top 10 buyer’s guide, testing the newest tech, and writing features at the laser-cut edge of the gadget world. Thomas also makes regular broadcast appearances during which he gives friendly advice and warns the world of the impending robot Armageddon.

blog_mikeMIKE PRIEST is one of the Middle East’s most respected gaming critics and his opinions are sought in the highest echelons of the gaming industry. He has written almost all of the regional edition of Stuff’s gaming content since launch and helps to shape the opinions of gamers throughout the GCC with his sharp wit and engaging copy. Mike’s knack for identifying trends in the output of the gaming industry are legendary and he appears regularly on the airwaves to represent Stuff during panel discussions on gaming.

7 responses to “About

  1. I pick up Stuff regularly and always enjoy the read, thanks! In the August edition you feature the Nike Sportsband, please can you tell me if this is available in the UAE and if so where I can purchase one.


  2. Mine is a family dominated by men – husband and two sons. When the topic is about latest gadgets, PC games etc I always felt lost but thanks to your magazine I am level with their “Lingo”, I came across your magazine at Choithrams today and am very thankful for all the information about the latest gadgets etc. I surprised my “Boyz” by discussing the latest IPod….the look on their faces was worth every dirham I spent on the magazine. Thank you very much and I look forward to the next issue.

  3. Hi, we have just opened a distributor in the UAE for our mobile phone cover. If you visit the website you will see that the phone cover is not like any other.

    You can also see a demo video of the product here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j4uMTZWh0Rc

    The product is made of a new material called d3o we have integrated this in to an iphone and nano case.

    Recenty we have been contacted by Blackberry, Nokia, HTC & Samsung and the cases for them are in development.

    The iPhone case has sold out across the UK & we are looking for a release of stock to the UAE in early December.

    What would we need to do to have a review completed by your magazine ?

    Thanks Ian

  4. I understand there was a draw ending October 2009. Can you provide a list of winners and exact date of draw. I can’t seem to see this anywhere on your site. Many thanks.

  5. Guys,

    I really like your magazine, but i have one positive intended note.

    The editing of the pictures of your ‘eye-catching’ women is terrible. I play around with photo editing myself on a very low level, but i feel that i have to do a lot of effort to make a picture looking that obviously retouched.

    Hope you will improve this.


  6. Graham Steven

    I just made the inglorious mistake of taking the advice of your TOP 10 LCD’s and purchased the Sony Bravia Z Series. I am now on my third replacement set and each one gets worse, dead pixels, heavy backlight bleeding and inconsistent colour performance…

    Gents we give you the privileged position of reviewing sexy gadgets on our behalf and make our purchases in consultation with your expert advice.

    Now, do your job!

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