Arash Motor’s AF-10 supercar

If you have a spare US$580,000 stored under the mattress for a rainy day, you might be interested in Arash’s latest motor. Packing a hefty 550BHP under its ultra-sleek bonnet, the AF-10 has a 7-litre engine capable of top speeds over 200kph. So it’s fast, expensive and exclusive too, with only 25 planned to roll off the production line.

3 responses to “Arash Motor’s AF-10 supercar

  1. Hot I like the 370z more though and the pajero their both cheaper

  2. Shaik Imaduddin

    Not only is it fast and exclusive, it’s good looking as-well. Packs a monster engine. But way too expensive.

  3. umm r u guys still on
    i havnt seen a post in well a month tomorrow what is wrong do u need some help posting ill sure help

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