Sexiest woman alive + Full HD = awesome


Giving into our masculine desires, we’ve put up another photo of Megan Fox. But don’t worry, there’s a very important tech-angle attached. Following up from last year’s Esquire shoot, Megan’s signed up for another one. This time, she’ll be filmed using Red’s Epic camera at a 5K resolution (to put that in perspective, Full HD is just under 2k). There’s a standard definition preview, here.

And just in case you don’t recognize the luscious lovely in the trench coat above, we’ve included a bonus picture (she’s obviously just woken up in bed, or something…)

[via Gizmodo]



3 responses to “Sexiest woman alive + Full HD = awesome

  1. Wow – the things I would do to Megan Fox (take her out to dinner and a movie, naturally). It’s too bad I’ll never afford a RED Epic, or even a RED One camera. Then maybe I could attract lovelies like Miss Fox to my studio, and take pictures of them holding gadgets for Stuff. By the way, can I have a job?

  2. Dude, that is insulting! Ya ought to say, just our natural human beings desires. Don’t define it with sex, unless it is with the perfectly hot Miss Fox.

    Mmmmmm what a beauty & obviously, it’s “something” Hehee =}

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