Tall and slim LG Chocolate hits the UAE


We’ve been swooning over the LG Chocolate since it appeared in this month’s Hot Stuff, so we’re pleased to announce that it will be available mid-October (just in time for Gitex). The sleek black touchscreen mobile has a 4in 21:9 widescreen, making it perfect for web-browsing and movies, a 5MP camera on the back and can even be split into two halves, letting you multi-task (live film-tweeting, anyone?) on-the-go. It’s priced at US$815.


2 responses to “Tall and slim LG Chocolate hits the UAE

  1. Well what do ya know, it actually looks like a bar of chocolate !, and the screen is gorgeous and it looks like a mini Philips Cinema HDTV. Still, I can’t help but think this may be another so-so entry to the i-phone market but nevertheless, definitely something to check out at Gitex.

  2. Did you see that LG is hunting for 5 of theoriginal chocolate phones offering $10,000 for each. check out http://www.lgmobile.com

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