Xbox 360 Elite price drop

ELITE Console

Microsoft’s not about to let Sony have all the price-dropping fun, and its brought the Xbox 360 Elite down to US$315. That puts the 120GB console within spitting distance of Sony’s newest PlayStation, the Slim (at US$355). Both have similar spec, but the Slim’s diminished size and Blu-ray player are mighty tempting. What do you think?

2 responses to “Xbox 360 Elite price drop

  1. Hi Stuff People… so ….here’s my One cent input [ ohhh how cliche ]
    It’s official. As of tomorrow the Xbox 360 Elite will be Microsoft’s new $300 console. The Elite ships with a 120GB HDD, black chassis and controller, and as we told you earlier this month, now ships sans HDMI and component video cables.
    With the Elite now priced at $300, the Xbox 360 Pro gets a $50 price cut, priced at $250. The Pro ships with a 60GB HDD and white chassis+controller. Microsoft says that the Pro will be priced at $250 “while supplies last”, meaning once existing consoles on store shelves sell out, that’s it for the Pro SKU. Instead going forward Microsoft will rely solely on the $200 Xbox 360 Arcade (which ships without a HDD) and the $300 Xbox 360 Elite.

    If you don’t need the Elite’s larger HDD, now will be your last time to save some money and go Pro

    … 🙂

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