Slimmer and lighter PlayStation 3 announced


Sony not only let the cat out of the bag with this one, but pulled out its tabby and held it high for the world to see. Yes, the long rumoured PS3 slim is slighter on the outside, but packs a larger 120GB hard drive on the inside. Its diminished size reduces power consumption, and even the price is smaller, at US$355. We’re getting a better look at the console soon, so be sure to grab a copy of next month’s magazine for more info.


3 responses to “Slimmer and lighter PlayStation 3 announced

  1. Shaik Imaduddin

    Now Sony has something really good to compete against the Xbox 360.Better games like the new Gran Turismo can really heat things up.Anyways everybody is waiting for a Wii like joystick.Even Microsoft have the Project Natal.

  2. Seems like PS is playing catch-up with Xbox, whcih already had a 120 GB HD for quite some time! PS3 has always been way too expensive, so its definitely good to see a price move FINALLY! But a price drop may not necessarily turn the tide (Gap of over 7m consoles WW! which seems to be increasing). Xbox 360’s online service and game line-up is far superior than PS3 and it seems that with every passing month PS3 is losing exclusives (FFXII) and Xbox is gaining them (LFD2, GTA4 Ballad of Gay Tony, Splinter Cell)

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