Borders jumps aboard Sony’s e-bandwagon

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Amazon has made a killing with its Kindle e-reader and also killed our chances of ever getting one, only releasing it stateside. But now hope of an e-reader revolution comes in another form, the Sony Digital Reader and Borders bookshop partnership. Sony Reader owners just need to get on the Borders website, download the eBook library application and have access to thousands of eBooks from anywhere in the world. That’s the distribution out the way, now there’s no excuse to not release Readers in the region (in theory). There is still no official word from Sony on this, but we’ll keep you updated.


4 responses to “Borders jumps aboard Sony’s e-bandwagon

  1. Well….Amazon not letting us getting one. ebay will.
    We can easily order it for $500

  2. I’m pretty much a bibliophile, who devours books in their physical form. But I’m preparing myself to make the transition to eBooks, and am delighted at the release of the Sony version. Hopefully I’ll get my hands on one soon!

    What are your thoughts about eReaders? I’ve spoken to a lot of people who swear they’ll never be able to adapt, but I get the feeling that in the next few years most people will have forgotten their initial Luddite convictions, and be happily reading away on screen.

    Also, are the Amazon Kindle and the Sony eBook the only products currently available on the market? And do you think there’s going to be a format war akin to the Beta/VHS struggle in the 1970s? If so, anyone care to predict a winner?

  3. I have downloaded the Sony/Borders eBook Library in anticipation of receiving my eReader. However, when I try to create an account I have to pick one of two countries: the US or Canada…

    Am starting to doubt that the eReader promises the global reach that the Kindle has denied us?!

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