FTTH spreads in Abu Dhabi (and Ajman)


Can’t wait for fibre-to-the-home to go mainstream? Then get yourself down to Abu Dhabi. Etisalat has started routinely updating its lines with FTTH technology. That means blinding fast optical broadband speeds (up to 100Mbps), perfect for streaming HD content, internet TV and online gaming. Cool beans.

UPDATE: And Ajman, apparently. Apologies to Ahmad who sent us this photo. It was so well written we thought it was from an Etisalat corporate PR man of the same name.


9 responses to “FTTH spreads in Abu Dhabi (and Ajman)

  1. The work is good.

  2. This is going to spread now.

  3. Isn’t stuff supposed to mention who got this news?

    I took this this picture and send it to Stuff!!!

  4. And this is in Ajman…Not AbuDHabi

  5. And This is in AJMAN Not ABUDHABI!!!

  6. Thomas Shambler

    Alright, alright – no need to shout about it.
    Sorry Ahmad, and thanks for the tip and the photo. But if Etisalat is pushing into Abu Dhabi and Ajman, when is Dubai’s turn? Reckon it’s going in alphabetical order?

  7. Who said im shouting Sham…..easy man…its just the web site multiposts!!

  8. Thomas Shambler

    Haha – multiposting, capitals and many exclamation marks; sounds like internet shouting to us.

    Keep it up though, and make sure to grab next month’s issue of Stuff. There’s a special prize for the best blog comments from the 1st July onwards.

  9. Ok…cool….I’m sure my posts here would win the “worst” 🙂

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