HP ProBook S-series makes business colourful


Proving that businessmen can have sassy-red laptops too, HP has announced its newest ProBook S-series laptops. Available in 14in, 15.5in and 17in flavours these are all about performance, affordability and a simple but stylish design. All sizes offer an Intel or AMD processor, Blu-ray drive, HDMI output, and ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4330 graphics card (for after work gaming, of course). No exact pricing information just yet, but entry-level ProBooks should start around the US$550 mark.

[via Gizmodo]


5 responses to “HP ProBook S-series makes business colourful

  1. Thanks for the above… I will be getting one soon!!

  2. Hi, is HD4330 better than HD3470 ?? I cant find any benchmark on google :-)))

  3. Thomas Shambler

    Hey Kubki – our friends at Optimitza have benchmarked some of ATI’s latest – check it out here (http://optimitza.cat/news/tag/ati/). Seems the HD4330 is better, and by some margin.

  4. Ammar Jaafar

    yo stuff.
    your mags are amazing..i am recenty finding a new laptop

    this laptop is excatly what im looking for buy do you know where I can get this laptop somewhere in the Dubai area?

    thnx Stuff..

  5. Thomas Shambler

    Hi Ammar,

    It should be available in your local Sharaf DG or Jumbo (although there’s a chance the recession may have pushed release dates back). If you can’t find it, drop us a line at stuff@motivate.ae– and we’ll whine at HP HQ until they release it for you.

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