Seagate FreeAgent Theater lands in Dubai


Having drooled over Seagate’s answer to digital downloads in February, we’re excited to see it finally launching in the region. This simple box lets you transfer downloadable HD content to your living room telly. Just download files to your PC, transfer them to your FreeAgent portable hard drive, stick the drive into the Theater’s slot and attach it to the TV. It supports all major codecs, 5.1 surround sound and resolutions up to 1080i. It’s available now for around US$190.


4 responses to “Seagate FreeAgent Theater lands in Dubai

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  2. great site a very helpful informations.thamx

  3. from what store here in dubai this freeagent theatre available?

  4. Thomas Shambler

    It’s available from all major retailers (Sharaf, Jumbo, Plug Ins, etc.)

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