Warwick Audio’s Flat Flexible Loudspeaker


Warwick Audio Technologies has developed this, a Flat Flexible Loudspeaker (FFL) that’s super-thin and provides clear crisp sound. April Fool’s day prank? The BBC doesn’t think so. And the website certainly looks like the real deal (although the slogan is: ‘Sound, as you’ve never seen it’). Suspiciously disguised as tin-foil, these speakers are meant for comercial use, hoping to replace public address systems in passenger terminals and shopping centres. They’re also rather flexible, apparantly able to wrap around a lampshade (if you want a talking lampshade) and can be concealed within ceiling tiles or behind pictures. It technology behind it looks legit and the concept is sound. Hopefully we’ll start seeing ultra-small gadgets with massive sub-woofer audio impact, or entire walls that blast out surround sound. If it’s real, that is…

[via BBC News]


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