Desperately seeking the Twitterati

Kevin Rose - Dating expreimtent 'tweets'

The magnanimous Kevin Rose (yeah, the one who created Digg – see @kevinrose) has come up with cunning plan to enable the Twitterati to post (and reply to) lonely-heart style ‘tweets’. In only two 140 character posts he has managed to launch aTwitter-based love fest – all by utilising the power of searchable hash tags (#sman and #swomen). Twitter is now fluttering with single social networkers desperately seeking each other. We at Stuff think this (seemingly selfless) act from Mr Rose is inspired, but worry that this could spell yet another unwarranted UAE ban for a site most people use for culturally-appropriate purposes.


2 responses to “Desperately seeking the Twitterati

  1. Kevin Rose is just lonely. see – any episode of diggnation.

  2. Yeah I know – but I thought he had a hot new lady friend(?)

    Also out of lonely comes a good idea (well quite a few actually) so it’s nice he’s sharing the loneliness with the online world.

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