Skype goes mobile with iPhone/BlackBerry


Skype is getting jiggy with the iPhone (tomorrow, reportedly) and BlackBerry (in May). Sadly, it looks like the iPhone VoIP software won’t work over 3G and BlackBerrys are still slugging along on EDGE. Surely, the hacking community will be all over this, though. If you could talk for ‘free’ over 3G, would you? Etisalat’s not very cheap iPhone could yet become the sale of the century.

UPDATE: According to Engadget, you can call out over 3G after all.


6 responses to “Skype goes mobile with iPhone/BlackBerry

  1. available on the UAE store and everything too!

  2. And it’s free, yes? So, Mike, would it – if, in theory, one were to download it (even in the knowledge that it may be contravening the law), would it work over a local 3G connection? Or is the data stream blocked (which is how du tries to stop PC users getting their Skype fix)?

  3. not having much luck with it at the moment to be honest. thing keeps crashing back to the springboard whenever i try to log in. will report back if it ever gets working.

  4. Mine is working a treat. Although that said I have now realised the only people I have on my Skype account are members of my family. Don’t think it spells the death of giant monthly bills just yet (but we’re getting ever closer).

  5. Apparently, this app has been downloaded over a million times already.

    What will future generations think of the Destiny’s Child song Bills, Bills, Bills?

    – Daddy, why would anyone have to ‘pay’ a telephone bill?

  6. Mike Priest

    got it working! turns out it wasn’t too pleased about my phone having non itunes store apps =p

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