Twitter gets first ad – more to follow?


Okay, Twitter. We know you’ve just turned three years old. We know that you’ve been giving us followers and tweets unselfishly for free these past years, and you deserve a little payback. Even if it is in the form of advertising ExecTweets, a tweet aggregator for business execs. The service is from Federation Media and Microsoft, and it appears just below the user name on profile pages (only in the US and UK for the moment). All it does is follow several high profile exec’s tweets. For example, Marisa Thalberg (big shot digital marketing executive for Estee Lauder) has this to say, “Contemplating: is the (often thought to be feminine) trait of being a “pleaser” a strength in business or a detriment? Or both?” Hmm. That’s very thoughtful Marisa, thank you for that.

[via Times Online]

3 responses to “Twitter gets first ad – more to follow?

  1. I looked at ExecTweets this morning and I was utterly underwhelmed. The only real A-list exec I could discern on there was Richard Branson.

    Everyone else just seemed to be spouting (tweeting) that oh so boring unintellible management-speak we have all come to loathe. Ms Thalberg’s pseudo-clever musing being a perfect example. BORING!

  2. Since when was Richard Branson A-list?

    Still, no surprise to see he’s ahead of the curve when it comes to self-promotion.

  3. Marisa Thalberg

    As someone whose presence on Exec Tweets led me to be a target for the snark above (and I will say, I generally have a healthy appreciation for snark), let me clarify that I had no hand– and continue to have no hand– in being excerpted on this site; it was a total surprise. Moreover, the tweets they chose were written not with a view toward any sort of (ephemeral) Twitter corporate fame, but just as they are intended, to be of-the-moment thoughts, or a sharing of information, within the two communities that matter most to me in this space: the digital marketing world, and (as in the case of the tweet noted above) the mom world. Who wrote some really terrific replies back, by the way.

    Thanks for thinking I’m a bigshot though.

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