OnLive – video game console killer?


The most interesting thing to come out of day one of the 2009 Game Developers Conference currently being held in San Francisco is start up company OnLive and their new video games on demand (GOD?) service. Essentially, it will allow gamers the world over to stream the hottest titles (they name checked everything from Crysis to Mirror’s Edge) via a fairly speedy internet connection directly to the lowest-end PC or netbook for instantaneous playback without the hassles of video cards or hard drives. Sounds pretty pie-in-the-sky to us but it does have the backing of some big publishers (EA, Ubisoft, Warner Bros) which if they can pull it off could spell the end of console gaming as we know it. Doom Doom Doom.

[hit up Kotaku for the full story]


One response to “OnLive – video game console killer?

  1. Thomas Shambler

    Can you say LAG?

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