Halo Wars tops a million sales


Halo Wars, the game Stuff broke an exclusive review of at the beginning of February, has pipped the one million mark in its sales figures. That, according to Microsoft, makes it the ‘best-selling real-time strategy title’. Read past the headline, however, and the company comes clean with the addition: ‘on any current generation console’. No beef with that: what competition does it have in console land? But it got us thinking… what RTS games have outsold it on previous consoles? Any ideas?


One response to “Halo Wars tops a million sales

  1. Thomas Shambler

    Starcraft on the PC – does the PC count as a games console? Regardless, Starcraft came out for the N64 if Google and I remember correctly. It’s got an 8.4 from Gamespot (not bad for an early console RTS, I think) and Starcraft mad Korea is very close to Nintendo crazy Japan.

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