Dell Adamo is ‘thinnest laptop ever’


After getting a glimpse at CES, Dell’s much-teased Adamo was released last night. Supposedly the thinnest laptop ever, it has a depth of 0f 1.65cm, compared to the MacBook Air’s sleek 1.9cm frame (at its thickest point). It’s pricey – expect it around the US$2,000 mark – but has solid specs to back up the expense. It packs a 13.4in screen, 2 USB ports (with a built-in mobile broadband option also available), up to five hours of battery life and will come in onyx or pearl colouring (that’s black and silver to those who left their colour palettes at home). At a time when most manufacturers are embracing the cheap netbook option, it will be interesting to see whether this high-end PC sinks or swims. Only time, and your wallets, will tell.

[via Gizmodo]


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