Braun MP3 Jukebox is German déjà vu


The noted German industrial designer Dieter Rams once said, ‘Weniger, aber besser’ which roughly translates to ‘less, but better’ (our German is a bit rusty). He took this design ethos with him to Braun, crafting beautifully simple coffee makers, calculators, radios and hi-fi. The Audio 1 Kompaktanlage, a radio designed by him in 1962, has had the pleasure of a modern overhaul.The radio scales have been replaced by two TFT screens, the FM antennae has been ousted for a Wi-fi ready one, while the casing has been given an aluminium and steel finish. This is 1960s minamalism at its best. Not impressed? It’s thought that Rams’s designs influenced Jonathan Ive of Apple notoriety, who went on to create the iMac, iPod and iPhone. See, history can be fun.

[via Gizmodo]

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