PC rules the gaming roost


Gaming research firm NPD Group has found that PC gaming trumps other systems for multiplayer use. Among the online players surveyed, 87 per cent play PC games online while Xbox Live only accounts for half. The Wii came in third with 27 per cent, and the PS3 fell over the finish last with only one in five. PC gamers can probably thank their 11 million World of Warcraft players for the win, it was their dedication to grinding, levelling and raiding that clinched it.

[via Edge]

4 responses to “PC rules the gaming roost

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  2. I am very glad to hear this. Especially with all the talk of PC gaming in a huge decline, even if it may be mostly WOW players. It is sad however for the PS3 to be behind the Wii considering PSN is free, and the online games for the Playstation are some of the best (LittleBigPlanet and Resistance 2).

  3. I think the issue with the PS3 being at the bottom of the list has a lot to do with the barrier to entry that is its enormous price tag. Couple that with the fact that the Wii has shipped a bajillion units (and the same goes for copies of Mario Kart) more than the PS3 and it’s clear that no amount of free PSN is going to be able to compete. You have to remember the Wii’s online solution is also free, no matter how irritatingly convoluted it may be.

    Both platforms have great online multiplayer titles, the Wii is just the far cheaper option – and it looks like consumers are talking with their wallets on this one.

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