Hands on the Verbatim Rapier V2 gaming mouse


In the world of PC pro gaming, the mouse is king. Different gamers prefer different settings, so customization is key in developing a precision perephiral. Fortunately, Verbatim got the memo. The Rapier V2 is great for changing resolution on the fly. You can choose between 400 and 3,200dpi quickly via up and down buttons above the wheel (perfect for switching between sniping or support) with three easy-to-reach macro keys. A nifty LED screen even lights up when you activate a macro, which is rather neat. Unfortunately, there are only two switchable tracking pads (although it’s meant to be used with the Rapier’s own mousepad) and sadly, the weight isn’t customizeable. Grab one if you enjoy headshotting your mates, but you may want an upgrade come competition season.


One response to “Hands on the Verbatim Rapier V2 gaming mouse

  1. I didn’t realise Verbatim made gaming mice until I saw this post. For under £30 this represents a cheap way of getting yourself into the 3200dpi club. Not a bad looking mouse either.

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