Jim and Ben’s New Music Podcast goes live


Some of you will remember former Stuff intern Ben Thomas, the baby-faced boy wonder of the team from this time last year. Ben went back to London where – with co-host Jim Webb (who we think used to text the radio show weekly about Benny’s nasally tones) – he has just started Jim and Ben’s New Music Podcast. The pair promise to share their music-spotting expertise with the connected world:

We understand that this is a hugely self indulgent venture and that very few people are going to like the sounds of our voices as much as we do ourselves but we thought it would be fun and give some meaning to our otherwise futile existences.

Check out the guys’ first episode now, and expect regular updates filled with tuneful goodness. Also, you can hit up their Facebook group here.

4 responses to “Jim and Ben’s New Music Podcast goes live

  1. Hey Stuff ME,

    Excellent spot on the podcast front – It’s riding high in the iTunes music pod charts and both Jim and I are already starting to feel the grips of international stardom taking hold (no not really both our Mums have said it’s alright and that’s all the fame we need).

    If any of you fancy keeping track of our podcast shenanigans we are now on Twitter, Facebook and MySpace (it’s Social Networking on toast).

    Also the direct download link straight into your iTunes is below:

    The second podcast is currently in the planning stage but we’re hoping to get it up fairly soon.

    Lovin’ the Stuff ME blog – the only place for decent tech news in the Middle East (nuff love to the boys at ME Gamers as well).



  2. thoroughly enjoyed this. well, except the bits where Ben talked of course…

  3. Paddy Smith

    Just got around to listening to this. Genuinely excellent and highly recommended… as expected. Looking forward to the next episode.

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