Google canteens close: legendary chef stays


Gawker has a story about two of the canteens on the Google campus closing down: Basic Deli and 5ive. No big news if you’re not a Googler looking for a spot of free lunch. But buried in the story is also a tidbit about the chef from Basic Deli, a man by the name of Jean-Claude Balek who has the words ‘fois’ and ‘gras’ tattooed on his knuckles. Enough reason, you would think, for any man to keep his job. Luckily, Google agrees, and JC is moving to another eatery within the gates of Google Manor.


3 responses to “Google canteens close: legendary chef stays

  1. hmmm. Seems like chefs are no exception now who are hit by the worst economy fever. Now whoz next :0 🙂

  2. Paddy Smith

    No, indeed. Looks like Gordon Ramsay could be in trouble too:

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