Amazon releases Kindle-killer App for iPhone, huh?


In a move that can only be described as an effort to cut the legs (with a freshly sharpened samurai sword) from under their e-book reader revamp before it even has a chance to get out of the starting gate, Amazon has launched a free iPhone app that has all the functionality of the Kindle 2 minus gimmicky e-ink and the inflated price tag (yes, you read right, it’s FREE). We definitely applaud your cojones Amazon, but worry that this all might be a tad counter productive.


3 responses to “Amazon releases Kindle-killer App for iPhone, huh?

  1. Paddy Smith

    So, did anyone else spot the semi-erotic nature of the text in the screen shot? ‘His hand rose and fell softly with each precious breath.’ Call me puerile, but I did allow myself a titter at that. Even though the character is clearly at death’s door. I should probably go now.

  2. Mike Priest

    heh, i was wondering if anyone would notice it. apparently nothing slips by you Mr Smith.

  3. Paddy Smith

    What’s really sick (in this interpretation) is that the kid is, I think, the old man’s son. It must be the end of the week…

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