Sony takes pity on us with cheap HD TVs


Sony marketing is working off a few simple rules. When the economy crumbles people lose their jobs. When people lose their jobs, they get sad and start saving money. When people start saving money they don’t go out and buy a brand new 65in whopper of an LCD with full 1080p support. Appreciating that this is already happening, the opportunistic guys at Sony have put together a new line of Bravia HDTVs. Coming in 42, 46 and 52-inch flavours, the new ‘economic’ sets support 24p cinema playback, have a 120Hz refresh rate and run Sony’s Bravia 3 engine. They’re also DLNA-compliant, so you can get on the internet to manage RSS feeds and view widgets. The sets come with a 3.1 integrated soundbar and will only dent your wallet by around US$500. Sounds like a deal to us.

[via Gizmodo]


2 responses to “Sony takes pity on us with cheap HD TVs

  1. Informative post, thanks…..

  2. I researched this TV by reading reports from a major consumer magazine and the reviews in Amazon. I also looked at the TVs from Samsung in the local stores. But locally this model was very hard to find. I did find next model down in 52 inch and comparables in the smaller sizes.
    Several reviews said the picture was “stunning” or “spectacular”. Well we have owned this TV for 3 weeks now and the picture is truly stunning. As I read in one review, it is like you are on the set watching the characters and action.
    Even our standard DVDs look much better than with our old LCD TV.
    Excellent picture from Sattelite, Standard DVD and Over-the-air sources.
    Simple setup and adjustments. There were minimal tweaks to set things up.
    (but then I only have it hooked up to my home theatre receiver and OTA cable).

    – slow to power on to picture, delays in picture appearing when changing channels or sources. (but not a major issue.
    – Screen is more reflective than most LCDSs I have seen but not as much as Plasma or CRT Tvs. The brightness of the picture does overcome this in my situation but I would check it out if you are using it in a very bright room.

    If I had to do it all over again I would definitely buy this TV.
    I bought it from Amazon and the price was much less than what I could find locally. The delivery went smoothly.

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