Shishavac smokes easier, healthier and cleaner


Shisha, narghile, hookah, hubbly-bubbly… the famous Arab ‘bong’ is part of ancient Middle Eastern smoking culture. And thanks to our friends from Chicago’s Tannous Innovations, it’s also getting the technology to join the 21st Century. Shishavac can fire up your favourite flavour of fragrant ‘baccy in a second and promises a cleaner, healthier smoke. It’ll also clean your hookah pipes and keep preparation mess to a minimum. The company is on the lookout for a Middle East distributor for the product, so if you see as much potential as we do, get in touch, and we’ll make sure you speak to the right man.


One response to “Shishavac smokes easier, healthier and cleaner

  1. i live in Saudi Arabia. Riyadh city
    i need to see the shishavac
    how can i try it?
    befor i buy!!!!

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