The Stuff Academy Awards (Oscars, to you)


It seems that everyone but Stuff has covered the Academy Awards in the past couple of days, so in the spirit of not feeling left out, we decided to list our own Oscar awards for services to film. Don’t worry ā€“ unlike the Hollywood version, we’ll keep ours short and sweet. And we promise no tears in the acceptance speeches…

Best picture: Iron Man
From the studio titles to credit roll, Iron Man is a tour de force of gadgetry. Jon Favreau had us at the jet-powered armoured suit.

Best actor: Wall-E in Wall-E
Robotic trash collectors of the future, unite and take over. Wall-E’s limited vocabulary doesn’t stop him from saving humanity and falling in love with an iPod-esque lady in this animation classic-in-waiting.

Best actress: Megan Fox in Transformers
Okay, so we’re a year out with this one. But there’s a sequel in the offing. And it was a film about robot war. And Fox is utterly deserving of her name. And it gave us an excuse to post the picture at the top of this post. Need any more excuses?

Best supporting actor: Nokia Tube 5800 in The Dark Knight
Morgan Freeman’s pre-release Nokia Tube was a bit more advanced than the version which finally hit the shelves, but it would have been a show-stealing cameo from the touchscreen upstart in a lesser film.

We’d go on, but we’re bored. And we’ve justified posting the Megan Fox pic. In short, our work here is done. See you next year, Oscars. Expect further gratuitous postings from the Stuff team then.


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