Read your Gmail at work and more


So, your work blocks Gmail, eh? Ours, too. Luckily, there’s a workaround, as long as your company doesn’t block Google (and just watch the riot erupt if they try to). Point your browser at iGoogle, on the other hand, and you’ll be reading your mails in no time. You just need to sign in, hit ‘Add stuff’ and add the Gmail gadget. We’ve also added news, our Google Reader feeds, Google Calendar appointments and a Wikipedia search to our dash, but you can customise to your own needs when you get there. Happy mailing…

NOTE: We don’t seem to be receiving mails sent from Gmail via the iGoogle interface. Anyone else?

UPDATE: Still no joy on sending mails from the iGoogle interface (we think because we’re using Opera) BUT we can now send email from work. It’s not ideal, but if you click the ’email’ link at the base of a post in Google Reader, it will be delivered. We can now send (with a free story!) and receive email at work. Stuff: 1, The Man: 0.


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