iPhone launches: prices complicated, expensive


So, Etisalat – you finally unleash the promised iPhone 3G on the UAE and Saudi Arabia, and we finally get to hear what you’ll be charging for it. Looks like we’ve got the option of a very expensive phone (Dhs3,090 for a 16GB) or a subsidised phone with a very expensive data plan (Dhs643 pcm for 2GB data, 500mins of vox and 300 SMS). All the in-betweens are above. Let us know if you’re willing to take the plunge, or staying grey.

9 responses to “iPhone launches: prices complicated, expensive

  1. O_O

  2. also, it should be duly noted that our original source was correct about the date. what a champ that guy must be…

  3. I think etisalat is not to far off with the prices … (If you consider you get talk min, sms’s + data)
    500 mb takes you far on a phone, though the iphone can clock this cap quick if you let your guard down. The phone itself could be a bit cheaper.
    Its a nice alternative to the blackberry scheme. Does any one know if you can just buy the phone, and will other suppliers now give a warranty???

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