HP tx2 multi-touch tablet hands-on quick review


She’s not fat, she’s big-boned. However you put it, the tx2 does not cut a slim figure. Our model says ‘TT3 prototype’ on the back, but it walks like a tx2, talks like a tx2 and looks like it had five Mini-Notes for breakfast. It would all be worth it if the multi-touch interface meant a truly usable tablet for once, but HP isn’t quite there yet, and the tx’s gesture awareness and scrolling ability are too juddery to even get you halfway to forgiving the rest of the laptop for piling on the pounds. If you’re a peripheral-lover, on the other hand, this is your girl: expansion ports, USB, optical drive, Ethernet, slide-out remote control (no, really), Altec Lansing speakers, the list goes on. But, yeah, she’s fat.


3 responses to “HP tx2 multi-touch tablet hands-on quick review

  1. I recently purchased one of these, and while it’s far from svelte, this is one rockin’ laptop/tablet. The multi touch is somewhat gimmicky, though it is handy when viewing photos. But being able to use a stylus for inking, combined with using your fingers for the occasional flick/scroll/rotate gesture is exceptionally handy.

    The shiny finish begs for fingerprints, and is amply rewarded for doing so. The curvy edges, combined with the overall thickness makes the laptop a little awkward to pick up. I like the screen size and the multimedia capabilities this thing has, though. I’d certainly buy another, if something happened to this one.

  2. try this laptop with windows 7 and you’ll realize why this laptop is the best consumer laptop on the market right now. I stopped using my mouse months ago

  3. I bought this laptop today and will instal Windows 7 64-bit on it 🙂 Hope it will serve me well.

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