HTC Magic Android Google phone hands-on


Rubbish name, but Vodafone, HTC and Google have got most of it right. The just-announced G2 (though the manufacturer is adamant that we call it the Vodafone Magic) is a sweet piece of smartphone. We´ve just come back from fondling its 3.2in HVGA capacative touchscreen (with genius text input; there´s no keyboard) and we are officially impressed. The digital compass and G-sensor enabled Street View roaming has to be seen to be believed, though we´re a bit put out that we´re back in proprietary headphone territory (no 3.5mm jack socket). Apart from that, it´s running the latest version of Android, which is smoother and smarter than the version running on the G1. Look and feel are amazing, and it will be available immediately for pre-order in black or white (depending on territory, around €99 to €199 with data plan) in Europe. Italy´s going non-exclusive with it, so we should see grey market handsets soon. More details in the next issue of Stuff, out on March 1.

UPDATE: Forgot to mention the camera – bog standard 3.2MP job with no flash; our pics didn´t look great – and the screen, which looks great streaming video from YouTube. Connectivity: HSDPA and Wi-Fi. Don´t say we never tell you anything.

5 responses to “HTC Magic Android Google phone hands-on

  1. Thomas Shambler

    But will it kill the iPhone?

  2. Possibly. Depends if anyone writes fart apps for it soon, I guess. I´ve hardly heard any mention of the Jesus phone at MWC. I think there´s a perception that it is stagnating as a product. Personally, I think its longevity shows foresight by the designers, but it lacks any ´now´ factor in the helter-skelter world of mobile advancement.

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