Nokia´s E75 – the Middle East´s new top-seller?


First up, Stuff got a huge big-up at this morning´s Nokia press conference – yep, the world´s biggest-selling monthly gadget magazine had its pages writ large on the screen, while Nok´s executive VP of the company´s devices division gave us the shout-out. Sadly, he didn´t go on to launch a raft of new touchscreen devices with great cameras, as we had hoped. Instead, we got the everyman E55, a powerful smartie offering web and email functionality to the masses and the E75, which we think is going to be HUGE in the Middle East. Why? History, that´s why. The E75 is the latest in the Communicator series, which has always had mass appeal in our region. And why not upgrade? It´s beautiful, smart and (we suspect) quite funny. We´re chatting with the Finns a bit later, so expect rumours galore when we get out (and when we find time). E55 expected later this summer, E75 next month for around US$500.


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