iTunes gets Marvel comics


iTunes is set to continue its digital download domination, this time with comics. Fresh from New York ComicCon comes news that Marvel will be creating special ‘In-Motion’ comics available from Apple’s online store. Marvel hopes to mix traditional static panels with some animated ones. It will be creating all new digital content for the service, as well as transferring some of your old favourites.

While we’re excited about the prospect of getting Spiderman on the iPhone, we’re not sure about these motion comics. Don’t they call those cartoons?

[via CrunchGear]

2 responses to “iTunes gets Marvel comics

  1. DC are already a step ahead as they’ve been releasing a Watchmen motion comic through itunes. Takes the original funny book panels, animates them a bit and slaps on voices. well worth the price of admission of you’re too lazy to y’know, read.

  2. Thomas Shambler

    Is it like those really really old spiderman cartoons? Where the camera kind of pans over the still shot with voices in the background?

    I never liked those – was always more of a comic or book fan and then a moving picture fan.

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