iPhone 3.0 coming to the UAE in June?


You’d think we’d be done with iPhone rumours for the week, but we’re not finished yet. Nope, a rumour from an article in Business 27/7 has gone international after being picked up by Shufflegazine and fed on to Gizmodo and Engadget, among others. The business daily suggested that a new iPhone is coming in June. We hope they’re right about that – it might make up for the lack of offerings at January’s Macworld keynote – and we’ve no reason not to believe that Apple has some new product in the offing. But we question the reliability of a source which last week suggested Barack Obama had sold his BlackBerry-loving soul for cash. The page has since been taken down, but you can find an archive copy here. Check out the screengrab above for a taste. Oops.


One response to “iPhone 3.0 coming to the UAE in June?

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