Belkin head will roll


Bad timing for Belkin… the company invited us to a swanky hotel suite to show off the 2009 spring/summer collection yesterday, and just before we set off we sniffed out the story about some bad egg on the inside paying for good reviews on Amazon. So we had to break the festive mood surrounding the new product displays and hack around for some answers. We spoke to Patrick Hayati, Belkin’s regional director for the Middle East and Africa, who said that he wasn’t exactly up to date on the matter, and didn’t know who was behind it. Good swerve, but he was unequivocal when pressed. He told us that if it was a Belkin employee trying to drive up sales figures, they would be sacked (he actually used the word ‘canned’, but hey, we don’t take shorthand at junkets unless there’s an interview on). Belkin, your move…


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