Myka BitTorrent box


Due to ship in four to six weeks, this Apple TV lookalike comes with none of the limitations (it’s developed on an open platform) and enough illegal downloading potential to make university students the world over salivate nightly as they count down the bytes on their latest Lost download. It’s fully kitted out with HDMI, composite, s-video and even SPDIF and conencts to the net by either LAN or Wi-Fi.

Sounds fantastic, except we’re not sure there’s any way to use it without encouraging the RIAA/MPAA to blowtorch your dormroom door.


2 responses to “Myka BitTorrent box

  1. If this is an “AppleTV lookalike” they didn’t do a very good job of it.

  2. lol, you can’t deny the similarities though. probably should have said “poor attempt at an AppleTV lookalike” – would have done a better job at satiating the rabid fanboys. i jest!

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